The first PDF below is our latest Society newsletter, followed by previous issues. These newsletters contain event details and specific contact information.




Photos from the Sawmill Foundation Upgrade Construction Project are at this link:

Sawmill Construction Project.


Below we see Kevin Hatton (left) and Richard Big Kettle (center) with Society president John Dudek (right) during the Nov. 14 member meeting on Seneca History in Elma.

We had a good meeting turnout, including members of the Marilla Historical Society (thanks for coming!). The James Hurd family drove here from Syracuse to attend (it was so good to see ya, don't be strangers!).

We can expect to see more of members of the Seneca Nation, like Richard Big Kettle, in the future (thanks, again, for being here and sharing!).



For his Eagle Scout project Allan VanSplunder and members of Troop 329 cleared brush and then installed 100 feet of split-rail fencing along the Millrace next to Hurd House Museum and the Hurd & Briggs Sawmill. They also rebuilt the fencing surrounding the Herb Garden behind Hurd House. The new fencing enhances the museum area of the town park. Please also note that these areas are used almost daily as photo sites (especially the split-rail fencing). Many family photos will now feature these picturesque upgrades courtesy of Allan VanSplunder and Troop 329. See photos below. Grateful Elma residents say GREAT JOB!



Below is a newly-acquired antique barrister-style bookcase has been set up on the second floor of Hurd House to honor Elma's premier physicians, the Shaver family. Thanks go to our dedicated Thursday Crew for sweating the details on this new display. Please excuse the photo which is off-center to eliminate reflections in the glass doors. Stop by to see this display, and the rest of the Museum Complex, during regular hours.



Below we see members of the Elma/East-Aurora Homeschool Association visiting the museum complex in August.





Below are photos from Santa's visit to Elma on Dec. 3. We also had Elvis visit, although this Elvis walks on four legs, and can pull a sleigh. "Elvis has left the barn." More photos are on the Facebok page. Click to enlarge.



Below is a photo taken at the Erie County Fair of the Elma Historical Society display. The topic was "Transportation" and various forms of historical children's transportation were displayed.


The Elma Historical Society awarded its annual scholarship on June 13 (see below).



Our October 2022 Chicken & Pork Dinner and Basket Raffle was a great success. The food was delicious, as always. A special thanks to our tireless workers. They did a super job. Thank you to everyone who attended. Thanks also to all who donated baskets as we had over 100 (see photos below).



Below we see marchers Kathy and Patty (followed by an historic car) represent the Elma Historical Society, and they're displaying the new parade banner in the 2022 Elma Memorial Day Parade.



Below we see photos from the Dec. 12 Elma Historical Society Holiday Party.