Celebrating 200 years!


Celebrate the Erie County Bicentennial and learn new things about the history of Erie County and of the hamlets, villages, towns, and small cities which make up our county. Your EC200 Passport is available free of charge at the Elma Museum Complex (during visiting hours) and at any Buffalo and Erie County Library (  One Passport is issued per family. A library card is not required.


From now until April 2022 you can use your Passport to visit the unique and totally interesting local museums and historical societies in the county. Your Passport has information to help you plan your visit, such as: location, and days & times to visit.


During each visit to a local museum or society look for the numbered lantern.  Have your Passport stamped before you leave. Please see at right for sample pages from the Passport. For a complete rundown of the Passport Program visit this link: (


OUR PLEA: please help us preserve our local history. Our local museums and historical societies are staffed by dedicated volunteers who want to tell you the story of their area. Unfortunately, these nonprofit societies have struggled during the pandemic because they have not been allowed to hold fundraising events or have visitors. Let's help these groups by visiting their facilities for EC200 to show we care about all the hard work they do to preserve and relate the unique history of their areas.


To download a passport which can be printed out:





The Elma Historical Society is participating in the EC200 Passport Program. The graphics below are the three pages from the EC200 Passport for the Elma Museum Complex. Click on any page to enlarge it for easier reading.


Please note that the Hurd & Briggs 1846 Sawmill is NOW OPEN after undergoing foundation upgrades.


Visits to the Elma Museum Complex are free of charge. However, a donation is humbly requested to help us keep doing that which we love to do: preserve and tell our history. We thank you in advance for considering a visit to the Elma Museum Complex.


Would your group like to visit in support of EC200? Group tours are welcome. Please call us if you're considering a group visit. Special days and times can be arranged if needed.